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About This Project

Leading For Creativity – How To Ignite Innovation And Creativity In Your Team And Organisation

Leaders have a significant impact on their company’s creative culture. This half-day course empowers individual leaders, managers and future leaders with the tools, initiatives and tangible actions they can take in order to turn their team into a creative powerhouse.
Learn simple ways to inject creativity into the workplace by reviewing case studies from some of the best organisations around the world. You will learn techniques that can be easily implemented in your organisation and see how one person can create an inspiring Ideas Culture.

Who is it for?

This course is for leaders, managers and future leaders. It will be educational, inspiring, stimulating and highly interactive.
Beware: Wanting to shake things up in your organisation is a very likely side effect after this training day.


In this course you will learn the following…
• Techniques to manage collaboration and cross pollination across departments
• How to build an environment where audacious ideas can live and breathe
• How to give feedback for creativity – the right way
• How to reward ideas and creativity (and how not to)
• How make idea generation and creativity a part of everyone’s job
• How to create platforms for innovation
• How to design and maximise the office space for creativity
• How to get staff pro-actively coming up with ideas for clients
• How to continuously inspire your staff to be creative

Length: ½ day


We offer one-on-one executive coaching sessions. The coaching is for leaders and managers who want to inspire and lead their teams for best creative practice and results.

Example of topics covered

• Hiring for creativity
• Identifying your leadership style
• Building and managing teams for creativity
• Giving feedback for ideas
• Rewarding ideas and creativity
• Creating a culture where ideas and innovation flourish


Innovation habits need to come from the top. This workshop gives leaders the opportunity to discuss and create how they want to shape their teams and organization as a whole.

Find out more.