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Creativity Coaching

About This Project

Who is Creativity Coaching for?

  • You want to bring more of your passions and creativity into your career/work life
  • You want to create a side project but are not sure where to begin
  • You have an idea for a business or creative endeavour but need structure and guidance to bring it to life
  • You want to launch a business or project and need help creating and developing the brand identity
  • You have a desire to express yourself creatively but haven’t found the perfect outlet for you.

The Ideas Bodega’s Creativity Coaching will help you to achieve all of the above.

We offer

  • One-off private consultations
  • Coaching packages (Monthly/Quarterly)
  • Group Business Idea Incubator Sessions

Businesses and Individuals we have worked with

  • Elizabeth and Isabella Briedis – Spell Designs
  • Nina Fussell – Network Ten/Fables of Forever
  • Michael Shafran – Brooklyn Boy Bagels
  • Belinda Cendron – The Sourceress
  • Anna Harper – Cultural Shapeshifters
  • Sasha Dobies – Sherbet Birdie Photography




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